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Data in the cloud – demo March 19, 2009

Filed under: Web 2.0 — Bertil Snel @ 21:53

DataQualityonDemandThe cloud is popular, we want everything in the cloud (XaaS). Over the past year I have been working at Human Inference, a dutch software vendor of Data Quality, MDM and Data Services technologies. One of the solutions we just released is Data Quality on Demand, a bunch of Data Services that open data sources with simple Webservices calls. To build the offering Human Inferences closed a partnership with

In this demo you see some basics of data services. The demo gives access to a number of data sources 1) Dutch postal code table 2) Dutch Chamber of Commerce 3) Geolocation services 4) Google Maps. The demo allows a ’round-trip’ – finding a company registration on an address with only postal code and house number and then plotting that on a map. Give it a try.

I think the demo is very powerfull in the sence that it allows you mash-up several  real-time data-sources in an online rich user interface. Everything is in the cloud, no data is local. Imagine this in your CRM system or online forms.


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