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No crisis in Enterprise Software? March 30, 2009

Filed under: Analysts,Economy,Enterprise Software,Facts — Bertil Snel @ 21:09

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Press release from Gartner today: Gartner Says Worldwide Enterprise Software Market to Experience Flat Growth in 2009

In short, Gartner predicts that in 2009 the Global enterprise software market will grow 0,3% (flat) from 2008. The size of the market is almost the same as the GDP of Portugal with $222.8 billion. Gartner predicts flat growth this and next year.

I am somewhat surprised, not necessarily because I see a different reality but more so because almost every other bit of market data points to negative growth. The reality as it seems is that the enterprise software market is relatively strong because it experienced a big shake-out in 2001/2 and because the software increasing deliver on its promise of improved ROI. Especially market areas like virtualisation, open source and SaaS.

Not surprisingly Gartner points to the importance of strong partnerships for enterprise software vendors. “Aligning with partners that can provide local knowledge or industry insight will be a considerable differentiator.”. We’ll take that to heart.

By the way, first day of spring and the weather is great. I expect more good news about the crisis these days – hard to be pessimistic.