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Why does Google want to Twitter? April 7, 2009

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twitterThere is a heck of a rumor that Google is interested in buying Twitter. In an era with lots of talk but no deals (MSFT-YHOO, IBM-SUN) I am not sure if this deal will pull through but WHY would Google want to buy Twitter?

News-as-it-happens is the answer. Twitter is great for searching for what is happening NOW. You feel an earthquake, hear an explosion or want to know if your favourite team scored? Changes are that a search on Twitter will give you results, Google takes a couple of hours to aggregate results.

People want as-it-happens search results and Google wants to deliver. Whether they buy Twitter or not, expect this feature to show up sometime this year.


Data in the cloud – demo March 19, 2009

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DataQualityonDemandThe cloud is popular, we want everything in the cloud (XaaS). Over the past year I have been working at Human Inference, a dutch software vendor of Data Quality, MDM and Data Services technologies. One of the solutions we just released is Data Quality on Demand, a bunch of Data Services that open data sources with simple Webservices calls. To build the offering Human Inferences closed a partnership with

In this demo you see some basics of data services. The demo gives access to a number of data sources 1) Dutch postal code table 2) Dutch Chamber of Commerce 3) Geolocation services 4) Google Maps. The demo allows a ’round-trip’ – finding a company registration on an address with only postal code and house number and then plotting that on a map. Give it a try.

I think the demo is very powerfull in the sence that it allows you mash-up several  real-time data-sources in an online rich user interface. Everything is in the cloud, no data is local. Imagine this in your CRM system or online forms.


Made to Stick March 13, 2009

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Made to Stick

Made to Stick

Recommended reading for everyone and required material for everyone in marketing. “Made to Stick” describes in simple words and lots of examples why some ideas stick and others don’t. How to avoid CEO-speak and ‘facts sharing’ in favour of telling stories, that are Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional and Stories (S U C C E S).

The book builds on the ideas shared by Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell who describe the art of story telling (all marketers are liars, Seth Godin) and how small ideas can make a big difference (the tipping point, Malcolm Gladwell).

As IT Marketeers we are often unsuccessful in getting beyond the facts and telling a story. We are cursed by knowledge and try to cover all the details rather then to tell a story that engages the audience.

A video interview with the authors is avaiable on YouTube, you’ll find other related video’s there.

I just read a paragraph of text on a website of an IT software vendor that makes it clear we have a lot to learn: “Product XX drives unparalleled Business and IT alignment through a unified, cross-platform software suite that bridges the gaps between people, processes, applications, and information”.


Interesting Snippets that make amazing slides March 5, 2009

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Very cool quotes and stats with beautifull images make for amazing slides describing how things are changing online and in media & communications.  

Interesting Snippets

Interesting Snippets

These slides are also syndicated at Futurelab’s blog, check it out if you haven’t already, it’s a great compilation of thoughts and news.


The Machine is Us/ing Us February 27, 2009

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