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Interesting Snippets that make amazing slides March 5, 2009

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Very cool quotes and stats with beautifull images make for amazing slides describing how things are changing online and in media & communications.  

Interesting Snippets

Interesting Snippets

These slides are also syndicated at Futurelab’s blog, check it out if you haven’t already, it’s a great compilation of thoughts and news.


If MySpace were a country (and other interesting facts) March 3, 2009

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Sometimes size matters! Some of these statistics are staggering. And I expect that few will change, even in this recession.

Now you know…..


So why do we like our Roomba? February 28, 2009

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Abel (11 months): I like the Roomba because I know how to turn it on and make it drive. It makes funny noices and I can crawl after it!

Emma (3 years): The Roomba is our pet, in the mornings I check if it is in the cradle. He is sweet but often naughty, it sometimes it eats things that belong to me!

Marian (twenty something): My kids make the worst mess, the rice is absolutely everywhere after our meal. I don’t trust it to clean thoughtly enough so we still vacuum once a week but it is great for our daily needs and it cleans whilst we sleep.

Me: Hey! It is a great gadget to show-off to visitors and a look into the future of home automation (domotica).


How bad are recessions?

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I am sure we all worry about our the current economic climate. Yesterday we learned that the US has seen been in an ecomomic decline of more then 6% last quarter. Of course this causes a lot of suffering with companies and individuals. But how bad is it in the long run? The graph below pains a reassuring picture. Past recenssions hardly made a dent in the long-term upward growth in the GDP of the US. 


Outliers February 27, 2009

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Malcolm Gladwell is a seriously interesting person.  If you don’t know him for sure check out his books: Outliers, Blink and The Tipping Point, all well worth reading (or listing to).

In his most recent book Outliers he takes a very interesting perspective on success. Where are you on the 10.000 hrs rule in your field of expertise? Check out this interview on CNN:

If you like this check out his TED presentation on spaghetti sauce.


The Machine is Us/ing Us

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